The Backbone of COLX Technology. Masternodes present great opportunity of passive income as well as helping to stabilize the Network


10,000,000 COLX per Masternode
(Multiple MNs requires a VPS)


1000 Coins per Block
for PoS/ Masternodes
Stake min age is 7 days


Minted Confirmations: 90
Transactions Confirmations: 6

Block Time

60 seconds with re-targeting
after every block

DASH Masternode vs COLX Masternode


Consensus Algo
Proof of Work (PoW)Proof of Stake
(PoS 3.0)
Hashing Algo
Hardware Mineble
YesNo* (but multipool supported)
Block Time
150 seconds 60 seconds
No Premine. But 2 million DASH was mined
within first 36 hours of launch (aka Instamine)
12 Billions COLX on genesis block [reserved
for a full swap over from CV2] 40
,000,000.00 colx setup of 4 initial masternode.
Premine was burnt from coin supply at block 25000.
Max Coin Supply
Approx 17.6 million after 100 yearsNo max. Increases by approx 792 Million
(6.6%) in the first year.


 ✓ Yes ✓ Yes
Instant Send
 ✓ Yes ✓ Yes (SwiftTx)
Private Send
 ✓ Yes (CoinJoin) ✓ Yes (CoinJoin)
Variable Masternode Reward
 ✗ No ✓ Yes (Seesaw-algorithm)
Variable Mining/ Staking Reward
 ✗ No  ✓ Yes (Seesaw-algorithm)
IPv6 Support
 ✗ No ✓ Yes (both wallet & masternode)
Decentralized Governance
 ✓ Yes (masternode voting) ✓ Yes (masternode voting)
Budget Funding
 ✓ Yes 10% of block reward. ✓ Yes  5% of block reward.
In-wallet BIP38 Encryption
 ✗ No ✓ Yes (private key)

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